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Would a Tech Exec Send Her Kid to a Summit School?

Mother Jones has published a disappointing article at the depersonlized finding out phenomenon.  The maximum troubling a part of the thing comes on this paragraph close to the start of the piece:

 “Its [personalized learning’s] champions—together with in most cases non-public Montessori and Waldorf colleges, as smartly
as wallet of revolutionary lecturers in conventional public colleges—declare that
custom-made finding out stands by contrast to the acquainted study room constructions
born within the commercial age: scholars finding out most commonly from lectures and
textbooks, working towards assignments on an identical worksheets, and being taken care of based totally
on age or perceived skill measured by way of slender metrics.”

The transparent recommendation this is that Waldorf and Montessori
colleges are on board with screen-immersed “personalized” finding out,
the place no less than a 3rd of kids’s time at school is on laptop.  Nothing
may well be farther from the reality.  Both Waldorf and Montessori environments
are tech mild or tech empty, who prefer, as an alternative, actual embodied finding out
studies as in comparison to setting apart digital ones.

In reality, on the Waldorf college in Silicon Valley the place many
tech pros ship their children, there are NO computer systems, and faculty is completed the outdated
formed method, with books, interactions, discussions, and actual studies.

Low tech finding out environments would not have to be synonymous
with the rote finding out fashions “born of the industrial age.”  In
reality, Waldorf founder, Rudolf Steiner, and Montessori founder, Marie
Montessori, had been born within the 19th Century.  As used to be John Dewey, who had
a lot in not unusual with each.

You is also to know, too, that Bill Gates and Steve
Jobs raised their children with minimum generation.  They can be aghast at
the chance of sending their youngsters to a Summit college.

I’d have was hoping that MJ can be a bit extra skeptical of a
finding out/educating scheme this is designed to supply magnificent monetary
advantages to Silicon Valley oligarchs lengthy ahead of we ever know what results this
new emblem of display screen finding out is having on newcomers and lecturers.  I’d
have anticipated, too, that vital issues involving scholar privateness, company
knowledge sharing practices, policymaking, and public training affect would have
been explored.  

Summit’s model of custom-made finding out is
truly de-personalized finding out, and it guarantees a reasonable and very
profitable method to monetize public training for the deficient for the advantage of
company training reformers.  With such a lot resistance coming from
educators and researchers, there may be a explanation why Summit has made up our minds to steer
transparent fully of the “personalized” descriptor.

Chaining youngsters to laptop displays for massive
chunks of the college day is miseducative at perfect, dehumanizing and abusive at

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