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Why America is the greatest Islamic Caliphate there exists

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Let’s pray to God to offer us sense and lend a hand us remember that America and different western democracies don’t seem to be our enemies.

Last Friday, Maulvi Sahab once more mentioned that God’s wrath is quickly going to descend on the United States of America (USA) and the Muslim World will upward push once more. Although those are two completely various things – fall of America and upward push of Muslims extra so the Asian Muslims – slightly unrelated; however, he bundled them in combination as is the figuring out in the complete Muslim international this present day. So a long way so just right.

For the final 30 years of my lifestyles in Kashmir, I’ve regularly heard this prediction being made through “God’s own middlemen” that this Islamophobic, zionist, kafir America will fall aside someday and just lately after Donald Trump were given elected as president, I noticed America-haters filled with hope once more.

But 30 years down the line I’ve were given a solution to why those predictions don’t seem to be running in any respect and why they are going to by no means paintings in the long term too.

I consider that America is the greatest Islamic Caliphate that has ever existed after the instances of Rashidoon if we move through the true concept of a Caliphate and no longer its spurious and obnoxious model that we noticed in the type of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

I’m announcing this with an entire sense of duty. The common concepts of goodness, the ideas of Quran and the custom of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which Muslims and Muslim countries have deliberately and so comfortably excluded from their political and social lifestyles, Americans follow consciously and compulsorily in each and every bit they do.

Here is why America is there to stick and prosper and why America is in the just right books of God.

1. On a morning stroll in Baltimore, each and every American who jogged previous me greeted me with a grin even though I used to be an entire stranger to them. Baltimore is differently thought to be to be one in every of the least-sophisticated towns of the US and I didn’t be expecting those courtesies right here. Forget a grin or a greeting, will we even take a look at every different with appreciate in our a part of the international?

2. Whenever I’ve needed to go the highway (and even supposing I wrongly crossed it like we go it right here) with out looking forward to the lighting fixtures to be inexperienced, swanky automobiles would screech to a halt and the motive force would smilingly inquire from me to stroll over. In India or Pakistan, I’d have both been run over or my previous 5 generations would were abused. Such is the courtesy in opposition to a visitor in the town.

three. At many puts I noticed give-aways saved on neat cabinets for the needy. Clothes, toys, meals, digital pieces saved through unknown Samaritans for individuals who would possibly want them. If you purchase new sofas you’ll be able to stay the outdated ones there and somebody will come to take the outdated ones house. Focus is on giving slightly than asking. Not not like us that we will be able to give a coin to somebody after which communicate at 50 puts about it.

four. In a Maryland eating place, the second Shaida Andrabi and I stopped consuming, the waiter with politeness packed the leftovers and asked us to take it alongside. We had no longer even requested for it. For Americans, losing meals is a sin and the means we throw away lots of half-pinched ristas and goshtabas after wedding ceremony wazwans, is nowhere else in the international.

five. Sarkari (executive) colleges are rather well controlled and wealthy folks ship their youngsters to public colleges. Education is unfastened and center of attention is on camaraderie, humanism, inclusiveness, tolerance and creativity. Teachers are extremely revered. Education is getting used as an efficient software to combat racism.

6. Police officials are very respectful to civilians and can come on your lend a hand anywhere you need. But the rule of regulation is there. Bureaucracy is virtually non-existent.

7. Most politicians start their careers as individuals of the college control committees, no longer like us the place mediocrity and felony antecedents are a prerequisite to be in politics.

eight. People are very fair of their dealings and also you received’t be cheated in a bus or on a store. If you inform a fruit-seller in Srinagar that you are going to make a selection the oranges from his basket, he’ll refuse to promote issues to you. We believe dishonest and quick converting folks as our delivery proper.

nine. Americans are through and big extraordinarily open to range. In maximum high-end places in Washington DC and New York you’ll be able to to find that outsiders reside in huge numbers. In our international locations we don’t need someone to come back and are living and do trade. We are extraordinarily insecure in terms of dealing with festival.

10. American courts have little or no pendency and justice is well timed.

11. Americans are thought to be conservative and the notions of circle of relatives, group, kinship are slightly robust. But in terms of nepotism it’s virtually non-existent. Honesty is the rule.

12. Academicians, scientists, docs and lecturers are extremely revered and folks don’t blow their own horns their wealth or energy. Charity and a way of giving is extraordinarily robust and each the state and the individuals are doing their bit for the deficient and homeless folks.

13. Most American Muslims are god fearing, with a modern outlook and are glad there, praying to God to make it nice once more, not like maximum folks who desire a struggle again house however need our children to check in America.

14. Now bring to mind the 50-odd Muslim international locations in the international and bring to mind the freedoms, the democracy, the sense of justice and peace, financial prosperity and high quality of lifestyles there. There is no fit.

Let’s pray to God to offer us sense and lend a hand us remember that America and different western democracies don’t seem to be our enemies. Our enemy, blind religion and lack of information, is inside of us.

God bless America.

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Shah Faesal

The author is a Kashmiri civil servant and author. He tweets @shahfaesal (twitter.com/shahfaesal?lang=en)

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