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The Silicon Valley Menace

If era is ever to be a strategy to any social downside, Silicon Valley first will have to prevent being the issue.  Until then, those technopolies will have to be noticed as enemies of unfastened other folks far and wide:
. . . . Facebook has persisted a drip, drip of revelations regarding Russian operatives who used its platform to persuade the 2016 presidential election by way of stirring up racist anger. Google had a equivalent function in sporting focused, inflammatory messages all over the election, and this summer season, it seemed to play the heavy when the most important liberal assume tank, New America, reduce ties with a outstanding pupil who is significant of the facility of virtual monopolies. Some inside the group wondered whether or not he used to be pushed aside to assuage Google and its government chairman, Eric Schmidt, each longstanding donors, even though New America’s government president and a Google consultant denied a connection.
Meanwhile, Amazon, with its acquire of the Whole Foods grocery store chain and the development of brick-and-mortar shops, pursues the breathtakingly profitable process of parlaying a monopoly place on-line into an offline one, too.. . .

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