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Tamil Nadu Govt introduces Bill to Prohibit Private Players in Legal Education

A brand spanking new bill – the Tamil Nadu Establishment of Private Law Colleges (Prohibition) Act, 2014 (whole text) – used to be as soon as offered in the Assembly throughout the Tamil Nadu Government on July 30th. The pieces and reasons for the bill are described thru the government as follows (the emphasis on the keywords underneath is mine):

The Government have taken a protection answer to establish good enough number of Government Law Colleges in the State in a phased method, to impart legal training at affordable value. The earlier revel in finds that private trusts/societies do not appear to be in a place to provide legal training at affordable value to the economically and socially weaker sections and in addition not in a place to continue to run the legislation faculties successfully. The Government have, due to this fact, determined to prohibit the established order of legislation faculties throughout the private folks in the State thru endeavor legislation.

This raises some questions:

  • Is this bill arising out of ideological problems (i.e. private provision is not only proper), or, is it arising in response to concerns felt/expressed thru most of the people that they are not looking for private players to prepare and run educational institutions? Or a very complex mix of each and every?
  • Does the government have the correct to regulate voters’ get proper of access to to training thru understanding what is the ‘good enough‘ amount of supply and limiting supply previous that? What if voters’ trust of ‘good enough’ is far higher than the government’s?
  • Can the government insist that training can have to be equipped to most of the people at a price not more than a undeniable worth deemed thru the government as ‘affordable‘ to most of the people, irrespective of the costs incurred throughout the training provider?
  • What kind of requirements can have to the government use to come to a decision if an educational status quo is being run ‘successfully‘ or not? Shouldn’t the government make public such requirements/necessities, in order that educational institutions know the factors that they are expected to live up to?
  • Can the government ‘prohibit‘ private occasions from putting in place educational institutions thru legislation despite the fact that the non-public occasions are willing to abide thru all the laws and laws imposed thru the government on provide institutions, each govt or private?
  • Isn’t the proposal for this Act throughout the Tamil Nadu govt an admission in their incapacity to as it should be regulate private Law Colleges that do not appear to be run ‘successfully’? Are they throwing out the kid with the bathwater because of their incapacity to separate the non-public Law faculties which will also be run well from those that aren’t run well, and care for each as it should be?

It seems inevitable that this bill will after all finally end up in Court.

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