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Ravitch Bars Talk of DNC Rigging of 2016 Primary Race

Since ultimate November, Diane Ravitch has spent an inordinate quantity of time portray horns on Betsy DeVos and labeling her because the Chief Privatizer of American Schools.  While it’s unquestionably essential to indicate the lunacy and risk of DeVos’s fanciful plan to amplify the small quantity of states that experience voucher rules, Diane has unnoticed the privatizing position that she, herself, has performed via giving approving to ESSA and via okaying the 7,600 current constitution faculties and via refusing to repudiate constitution college rules in 46 states.  

In a submit lately, Dr. Ravitch reminds us that some issues will have to stay secret and that the previous is most effective essential provided that all of us agree on it.  If the figuring out of previous is contentious and makes us uncomfortable about results of occasions that we helped to form, then it is best to stay quiet about it in order that possibly other folks will fail to remember about our culpability in creating a truth that we now denounce.

Carry in your claims and counterclaims concerning the 2016 election in different places. All such feedback will pass into moderation once I see them and would possibly by no means be posted. It is my weblog and I say sufficient is sufficient. The most effective particular person helped via the prolongation of this dialogue is Trump. 

Right now, please focal point at the Tuesday elections, particularly in Virginia and New Jersey.  In Virginia, Republican Ed Gillespie has resorted to racist assaults on Ralph Northam.  

Please glance to saving what we will and construction for the long run, now not wallowing in occasions that we will argue about without end, with none solution. 

Wow–not a lot recognize for historical past via any individual ceaselessly identified as an historian. It’s transparent that DR has no recognize for the previous adage, “those who are unwilling to recall the past are doomed to repeat it.” And as a result of she refuses to bear in mind the previous, she helps the DNC to proceed the similar errors that resulted in political positions that mealy-mouthed, amorphous, poorly-defined, and generally spineless.

Ralph Northam is in hassle in Virginia as a result of he sounds too similar to the DNC applicants that had been/are the Clinton possible choices: uninspiring, dead, patronizing, and cowardly.  

As others have famous since this Donna Brazile’s presented the clip from her e book (please do not purchase it) about Hillary’s acquire of the DNC in August 2015, the preferred baby-kisser lately is the man who were given the shaft from the DNC.  Bernie Sanders is the preferred baby-kisser in America now not as a result of he’s left of middle.  Bernie is most well liked as a result of he’s proud of his positions, unwavering in his toughen for them, and other folks know what they’re.

To know the place we’re lately calls for that we all know the place now we have been.  The consequence someday relies on it.  

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