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Primary school teachers in Tamil Nadu promote education in government schools

“People pay taxes of many kinds to the Tamil Nadu Government and should therefore enthusiastically admit their children in government schools and benefit from the free education provided in the government schools,” says the Tamil Nadu Primary Teachers Association (TNPTA).

In a press unencumber, Abdul Majeed, an workplace bearer of the Association stated, “Parents must come forward to admit their children in government schools offering free education. All these schools have excellent teachers. In addition to providing free education to all students, the Tamil Nadu State Government also provides 4 pairs of free uniforms every year, a nutritious meal with an egg and a banana every day, free text books and notebooks, a free cycle and also a free laptop computer. Parents must make full use of all these benefits available to them.”

To power this message house to oldsters, 100,000 leaflets emphasising the need and the advantages of admitting youngsters in government schools are being disbursed to the general public via the Tamil Nadu Primary Teachers Association.

This is the gist of a file that gave the impression in the Tamil day-to-day newspaper Dinamalar (Nov 23, 2012). None of the English media appear to have carried this information.

The method the statements had been phrased via the TNPTA means that the government school teachers know one thing that the remainder of the general public are blind to. But the movements of the government school teachers talk a lot louder than their phrases and the individuals are simplest too smartly conscious about the consequences.

Over 73% of those exact same government school teachers in Tamil Nadu have selected to ship their very own youngsters to non-public schools and no longer the ‘superb’ government schools that they themselves train in. This information has been painstakingly accrued via Mr. T.Ok. Chandrasekaran via submitting RTI programs with the District Education Officers in every of the districts in Tamil Nadu.

The initiative via the teachers to promote education in government
schools is most definitely bobbing up out of an apprehension of shedding their jobs if the
exodus to non-public schools continues unabated*. The teachers wish to ask
themselves why oldsters are shunning the loose education in government
schools in spite of the attendant advantages of loose
uniforms, loose books, notebooks, a loose cycle, a loose computer and so forth.. When folks understand that the standard of education is deficient, all of the different freebies are inappropriate.

But the teachers know this simplest too smartly. By opting for to pay out in their pocket and train their very own youngsters in non-public schools, the
teachers are obviously performing in their self-interest. Nothing fallacious with
that – in reality, they’re doing the appropriate factor via their youngsters. There isn’t any method they may be able to save you the remainder of the folks from performing in their very own self-interest – the teachers
are combating a shedding fight.


primary school teachers in tamil nadu promote education in government schools - Primary school teachers in Tamil Nadu promote education in government schools

* The 2011 ASER Report supplies information at the development of accelerating enrollment in non-public schools in rural Tamil Nadu.The corresponding figures for city Tamil Nadu usually are a lot upper.

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