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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Reform H1B Visa (& More)

President Trump signed the “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order(EO) nowadays. One of the important thing items of the Executive Order is to reform the H1B Visa program.

There are such a lot of pending questions and issues about this H1B Visa Reform Executive order signed through President Trump.  I’ve cut up the to be had main points to this point into following the sections: Timeline of occasions, What we all know concerning the H1B Visa Executive Order, What this EO Doesn’t Do.

Timeline of H1B Visa Executive Order

  • April 17, 2017
    • Details of the Executive Order to be Signed used to be Published
    • White House Press Briefing gave loads extra information about “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Oder (Read It Here)
  • April 18, 2017
    • 12:30 PM: FB Live Video Discussing the Press Briefing (Watch the Live Video Here)
    • three:45 PM: President Tump Signs Executive Order on most sensible of a Tools Shelf in Wisconsin.
    • four:20 PM: Test of the Executive Order isn’t but to be had
    • eight:00 PM: Text of Executive Order is Published (Read it Here)

What this H1B Visa Executive ORDER Doesn’t Do:

  • Doesn’t Revokes H4 EAD
  • Doesn’t get rid of the H1B Visa Program
  • Doesn’t alternate to this yr’s H1B visa 2018 lottery
  • Doesn’t set a minimal wage requirement
  • Doesn’t alternate the collection of H1B Visa Cap Count

So, what ‘s the large information about this Executive Order? So, what does this H1B Visa Reform Executive Order do?

If you learn the real textual content, there’s no longer a large number of cast, concrete data. It’s mainly asking to do the next (exact textual content from the Executive Order)

Sec. five.  Ensuring the Integrity of the Immigration System in Order to “Hire American.”  (a)  In order to advance the coverage defined in segment 2(b) of this order, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall, once practicable, and in step with acceptable legislation, suggest new regulations and factor new steerage, to supersede or revise earlier regulations and steerage if suitable, to offer protection to the pursuits of United States staff within the management of our immigration device, together with throughout the prevention of fraud or abuse.

(b)  In order to advertise the right kind functioning of the H-1B visa program, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall, once practicable, counsel reforms to assist make sure that H-1B visas are awarded to essentially the most professional or highest-paid petition beneficiaries.

I believe the Press Briefing had extra detailed data than the real EO. Now, let me translate that to layman’s time period (in accordance with my figuring out) as follows.

What H1B Visa Executive Order Does or Expected to Do:

  • Propose Rules and Issue steerage:
    • Eliminate H1B Visa Lottery
    • Give choice to High Skilled and Highly Paid
    • Preference to Advanced Degree Graduates from america
  • Target IT Outsourcing Companies:
    • Like Infosys, TCS, CTS (discussed in Press Briefings) as a result of they pay low wages
    • They publish a number of packages and get the majority of H1B Visas
    • Top three corporations have a median salary of $60,00zero to $65,00zero
  • Actual Text of the Trump’s Executive Order isn’t but to be had
  • Timeline
    • Administrative Changes to be Implemented ASAP
    • Departments to overview and suggest legislative adjustments

Twitter Reactions from Immigration Attorneys

Why H1B Visa Executive Order is a Big Deal

Here’s a query from a reporter within the Press Briefing

You discussed that a few of this has most effective been performed legislatively.  Is the truth that this is going on now tacit acknowledgement?  There’s no package deal, there’s no automobile we’re seeing in Congress in this.  Is there an acknowledgement from the White House that, even with unified Republican govt, that is nowhere close to coming —

Yes, I noticed the Twitter Reactions from Attorneys and I nonetheless assume it is a large deal. Immigration Reform didn’t occur right through President Obama’s duration. Only two primary criminal immigration adjustments came about: H4 EAD and STEM OPT rule.

Congress failed to move the Health Care Bill and as President Trump said in nowadays’s briefing ahead of signing the order, that when HealthCare Bill passes, they’d transfer to Tax Reform, Infrastructure Projects and possibly Immigration Reform comes subsequent. As you’ll be able to see, issues take a large number of time to grow to be a legislation within the U.S. Congress. So, this Executive Order to reform H1B Visa program signed nowadays is a huge deal.

There are some adjustments that may be to make important adjustments to the H1B visa Program by way of Executive Order, like:

  • Increase H1B Visa Fees
  • Decide how H1B Visa are allotted (as an alternative of lottery)
  • Enforce current H1B Visa laws

Above 3 choices have been discussed within the Press Briefing and they didn’t get into precise main points of adjustments and timeline. So, we’re at the moment within the state of wait and watch.


  • What new Rules are going to be proposed
  • How lengthy it could take to put into effect them


  • What new H1B Visa expenses are going to be proposed
  • If Congress can move any H1B Visa Bills

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