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Peanuts to KIPPsters, PR Bonanza for Facebook & KIPP

Since 1994, KIPP’s few dozen segregated constitution colleges and the 1000’s that emulate them had been hawking a past due capitalist model of the Horatio Alger storyline aimed to encourage the nature rehabilitation of the faulty minority deficient: if black and brown kids and their folks paintings laborious sufficient and are great sufficient and bow deeply sufficient, then they, too, can achieve the similar financial summits occupied via the privileged millennials who entered the Ivy Leagues via aspect doorways reserved for the socially and economically fittest. 

This fable in fact precedes Alger’s 19th Century formulaic juvenile novels via virtually 200 years.  After all, it used to be 17th Century Puritan scion, Cotton Mather, who prescribed paintings as the most efficient drugs for the deficient, whose poverty used to be a transparent indication of an ethical defect for which God’s disapproval used to be made manifest of their financial plight.  Blaming the deficient for their poverty used to be a foundational American worth ahead of there used to be an America, and so used to be, and so there stays, a cultivated blindness to the structural and discriminatory impediments in society that stay the deficient oppressed, irrespective of how a lot grit, endurance, and zest that they are able to arrange to exude.

For years now, the KIPP Foundation has boasted in regards to the thirty-something p.c of the dehumanized scholars who end eighth grade at KIPP getting faculty levels, however they do not want to communicate in regards to the 50 p.c of the ones kids who get started fifth grade at KIPP who by no means end eighth grade at KIPP).  If they did recognize the truth that low performers and behaviour issues are expunged from KIPP ahead of they ever achieve eighth grade, then there would not anything in any respect miraculous in regards to the one-third of the one-half of KIPP scholars who in fact acquire faculty levels.  

Even amongst this make a selection team of faculty completers (maximum of them from 2nd and 1/3 tier schools), there’s a rising consciousness that the scholars who do arrange to end faculty aren’t getting the plum jobs which are reserved for the youngsters of the prosperous.  After all, KIPP faculty scholars have to earn cash all the way through the summers and cannot manage to pay for the unpaid summer time internships in Silicon Valley or Washington, DC.  Nor can KIPPsters manage to pay for the international go back and forth and social networking that lubricate the members of the family of the elite.  

Now there’s some recommendation that this realization has even crept into the awareness of KIPP CEO, Richard Barth, and the widow of Barth’s former Harvard classmate, David Goldberg.  A daring answer has been put forth:  Facebook’s billionaire COO, Cheryl Sandberg, has established a scholarship in Goldberg’s title that can give 15 of the four,600 eligible scholars a scholarship price $15,000 consistent with 12 months.  My god, this provides up to lower than what Putin, by myself, spend on Facebook advert buys each and every 12 months.

In the tip, each KIPP and Facebook get to faux that they care about the issue of the black and brown close out of top paying jobs, the entire whilst gaining nationwide media consideration for their ridiculous and penurious gestures.  You would possibly name it a win-win–for Facebook and KIPP, this is. 

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