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Librarians!!!!! Published in the Chicago Tribune, Sept eight, 2017

We nonetheless want librarians in public colleges.

Published in the Chicago Tribune, Sept. eight, 2017

Congratulations to the Tribune for informing the public about the loss of college librarians in Chicago.

Not discussed in the Sept. five article “Most of town’s colleges now lack librarians,” on the other hand, is the analysis appearing that the presence of a credentialed college librarian is an important predictor of studying success.

A up to date find out about achieved via Scholastic tells us a minimum of a part of the explanation why: School librarians attach younger readers with books which are proper for them.

This is a very powerful. Research additionally tells us that scholars who expand a studying addiction learn higher, write higher, spell higher, have higher keep an eye on of grammar, and feature greater vocabularies.  Readers additionally know extra about all kinds of topics. It is subsequently no wonder that they do higher on standardized checks of literacy.

We cheerfully spend billions on unvalidated checks and untested era, but we forget about the spectacular analysis  on libraries and librarians, and are unwilling to make the modest investments that can make certain that college libraries are smartly provided with books and are staffed with credentialed librarians.

— Stephen Krashen, Los Angeles, professor emeritus, University of Southern California

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