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KIPP Marketing: Apartheid Schools Help Empowerment

A KIPP constitution college in Nashville is on the leading edge of a brand new company business plan to advertise segregation as a “positive” for civil rights, and the native NPR station helps out.  And how is that this KIPP college doing that?  Actually, it is not anything new, for it comes to heavy doses of propaganda that lead youngsters to imagine at an early age that they, by myself, are answerable for their very own existence stipulations and results:

Many colleges aspire for racial range. But that’s now not rather the purpose of the latest constitution college in North Nashville. KIPP Nashville College Prep Elementary says it’s embracing what’s a truth . . . that scholars are basically African-American, and as an alternative of swimming in opposition to the present, it’s seeking to flip cultural isolation into a good.

As this KIPP is the use of the similar dehumanizing “no excuses” routine that experience earned KIPP the moniker, Kids in Prison Program, along side the festooning of Ivy League school banners, the NPR reporter turns out to assume there’s something other happening, even supposing he is unsure simply what it’s:

The variations are refined. But they are in all places.

It’s the school banners that hold in each and every school room — they are all selling traditionally black establishments. The work of art at the partitions display smiling black youngsters, studying books whilst sitting on thrones. Kindergartners be informed the brand new college track, set to a hip-hop observe.

“All of the power is in my hands. I now can conquer the world,” they sing.

It is terrible to look this type anticipatory arrange for self blaming in KIPP center colleges, however to look this type of certain psychology brainwashing used with deprived kindergarten youngsters is really legal.  One has to wonder whether those youngsters get to take a seat on their “thrones” when they’re remoted and humiliated “on the porch” for breaking laws, with their “MISCREANT” indicators round their necks.

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