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Here’s How to Complete DS160 Without Last Name in the Passport

Do you wish to have to understand how to Complete DS-160 visa utility shape in case your Last Name in your passport is Empty (or clean)? Here’s one reader’s enjoy (& classes discovered).

Before we take a look at the readers’ enjoy, I will’t rigidity the significance of getting a Surname in your Passport in case you are making plans to reside in the USA. I’ve noticed 1000’s of questions on issues confronted by way of Students, H1B, H4 Visa holders who get their U.S. Visa in their passport stamped with FNU (i.e. Without Surname in their Indian Passport)

heres how to complete ds160 without last name in the passport - Here’s How to Complete DS160 Without Last Name in the Passport

Some Terms to perceive if ahead of you proceed to learn this newsletter:
  • Surname = Last Name (or Famil Name)
  • Given Name = First Name
  • FNU = First Name Unknown
  • LNU = Last Name Unknown

Here’s a few articles about possible issues with out Surname

Now, you’ve an concept about them, we will be able to take a look at what came about with one reader who finished DS160 with out surname in the passport.

Recently my dad went to the US Visa Interview and he didn’t have Surname in his Indian Passport.  Hi, I’ve long past thru an identical scenarios (Completed DS160 with LNU) for my father and can percentage our enjoy in element.

OFC Appointment

  • OFC Appointment = Sunday, 05Feb2017,
  • Consular Appointment = Monday, 06Feb2017,
  • Location – New Delhi, India

Here’s the Background

My Father had First named = XXXX however no final title in his Indian Passport and implemented for B2 Visa (Tourist Visa).

His DS160 Form had the First Name = XXXX, Last Name = LNU and booked the appointment. This was once fallacious.

On the day of OFC Appointment (Finger printing/Photo), the OFC Officer didn’t settle for his DS-160, as a result of we crammed up ‘LNU’ in the Last Name box.

They showed that the right kind manner is to replenish First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX on the DS160. He requested to right kind DS160 after which come again for OFC.

My Father got here out of OFC heart and I right away crammed up new DS160 shape (since was once no longer in a position to edit current DS160 as soon as it’s submitted) as instructed i.e. First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX.

I submitted it on-line after which took the print out of this new DS160 affirmation web page from an web café outdoor the OFC Center in Delhi.

  • After 2 hours, my father once more went inside of the OFC place of business with new DS160 affirmation web page and requested the officer to substitute the previous DS160 quantity from the new DS160 quantity. He did the identical after which OFC was once finished effectively.

The subsequent day was once my dad’s precise B2 Visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, and it went effectively and his B2 Visa was once authorized. We gained passport in three days.

  • The U.S. Visa had First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX.

Therefore, in case your Last title is clean in the Indian Passport, write your First Name in the Last title whilst filling DS160.

And in the in the first title simply put FNU. Later we additionally discovered it on USTraveldocs website online about FNU.

Additionally, there turns out to be only one visa class ‘B1/B2’ given regardless you select B1 or B2 or B1/B2 whilst filling DS160. We decided on Visa Category = ‘B2’ whilst filling up DS160, But we’re given “B1/B2” Visa on the passport.

Hope this is helping, All the perfect!

  • Fact – It’s lovely not unusual for other people to name you the usage of your Last Name right here in the USA. For instance, for those who move to Doctors Office, they’d name you the usage of your Last Name. People frequently refer tot Last Name of athletes when addressing the media.

Action Item:


  • Do you’ve a surname in the Passport? No
  • Are you making plans to Apply for US Visa? Yes
  • Are you making plans to paintings or learn about in USA for longer term? Yes


  • Get a brand new passport with Surname (Yay!)

Question: What will have to be my surname?

In South India, no less than in Tamil NAdu, Surname = Dad’s Name

Other Part of India, Surname is a Family Name like Patel, Nair, Reddy, Raval, Singh, and many others. They are not unusual Surnames

If you’ve a couple of names in your First Name, then it is advisable to break up that First Name.

Question: I’ve a Surname, however my title is in point of fact lengthy. Would that reason any issues in the USA? 

Yes, other people may fight to fill the whole names. My advice: Make to Shorter if you’ll be able to by way of all way.

Question: I’m in USA with FNU. What will have to I do?

May God Save You! Not precisely. Here’s your answer – How to get trade the title in Indian Passport – A 10 Month Journey.

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