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Have Muslim countries failed its women due to religious orthodoxy?

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An indignant mob of Muslim males shout slogans in a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore, Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

A couple of months in the past, when Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy received her Oscar, I were given right into a heated argument with one in every of my buddies. His rivalry used to be that folks like her had been ‘maligning’ the picture of Pakistan via unnecessarily inflating some remoted incidents. In his opinion, her efforts had been simply growing damaging stereotypical pictures of Pakistan and which made ‘enemies’ of Pakistan really feel relaxed in their hate. In his opinion, Pakistan’s gender comparable problems weren’t systemic and had been blown out of share.

“It is just a tiny minority which is indulging in honour killings and it is unfair to present Pakistan in such a negative light”, he argued.

Is he proper? Now, one can justifiably argue that honour killing, which Sharmeen highlighted in her movie, isn’t hugely popular. But one too can simply counter argue that the mentality which provides upward push to a horrific crime like honour killing is terribly pervasive. Honour killing is simply an excessive type of the similar fundamental patriarchal considering. This mode of considering equates ‘honour’ of the circle of relatives with feminine chastity and if a feminine member of the circle of relatives is perceived as transgressing some limits, then it creates ‘embarrassment’ for the circle of relatives which in flip leads to a spread of conceivable reactions, of which honour killing is essentially the most serious one. Honour killing in some cases has additionally taken position for terribly mundane causes equivalent to women making a song in a blended accumulating.

But feminine chastity and its mirrored image upon a circle of relatives’s honour is most effective a part of the bigger drawback of gender imbalance in Pakistan. The fact is that, in Pakistan, gender imbalance is systemic in nature and extends throughout a number of dimensions. Women in Pakistan have a far decrease percentage in employment, a long way much less is spent on their well being and schooling, and the criminal infrastructure is extremely skewed towards them.

Some of those sides of gender imbalance were captured within the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index, which has ranked Pakistan as the second one final out of the whole 144 countries evaluated in 2016. Only Yemen (which is a war-torn nation) used to be positioned beneath Pakistan. What makes this rating much more embarrassing is the truth that Pakistan is positioned beneath countries whose according to capita source of revenue is decrease. Extremely deficient countries like Ethiopia, Nepal and Ghana were positioned above Pakistan. Bangladesh, previously East Pakistan, has been ranked at 72, appearing that possibly they made the proper determination via keeping apart from us.

This index measures gender parity throughout a number of dimensions together with financial alternative, tutorial attainment, well being, and political empowerment. Within the above subcategories, Pakistan is ranked 143rd in financial alternative, 135th in tutorial attainment, 124th in well being and 90th in political empowerment. Pakistan is in a reasonably higher place referring to political empowerment making an allowance for it had a feminine top minister prior to now and a moderately sizable choice of feminine legislators. This purpose criterion – because it simply measures the numbers of feminine legislators – does now not seize the true imbalance of political energy that exists within the society. Moreover, Pakistan’s dismal scores in different subcategories additionally divulge that the mere life of feminine legislators does now not necessarily translate into growth for women in different spaces.

And this Gender Gap Index does now not seize the social issues which women face equivalent to rape, honour killing and paintings position sexual harassment. It additionally does now not mirror the on a regular basis misogynist and sexist behaviour which any Pakistani girl can vouch for mechanically going through.

Rather than calling other people like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Malala Yousafzai, who level in opposition to an glaring fact, as ‘enemies’ of Pakistan, perhaps we want to take a excellent onerous have a look at the best way part of our inhabitants is handled. Maybe we want to remember that pretend nationwide pleasure aimed toward presenting a glorified and out of place symbol of Pakistan within the world area isn’t the solution. If the rest, we want to introspect and remember that there’s a drawback with the best way we deal with women. Pakistan has a systemic gender drawback and denial isn’t going to assist us.

However, I additionally suppose that gender imbalance is a matter for Muslim countries usually.  If we apply the scores intently, we can in finding that Muslim countries are proper on the backside.

For instance, out of the 144 countries ranked in 2016, now not even a unmarried Muslim-majority nation makes it into the highest 50. Kazakhstan is the highest amongst Muslim countries (51st), and out of the 30 Islamic countries which were ranked, 25 are within the final 50 (90-144). In truth, the final 15 countries (130-144) are all Muslim -majority countries. This is an astonishing determine and obviously issues to an around the board drawback within the Muslim international.

Of all of the components, the truth that a rustic has a Muslim majority is possibly the most powerful predictor of a rustic’s place on this index.

What might be the explanation at the back of that? In my opinion, the truth is that Muslim countries via and big are time-trapped and feature failed to evolve due to religious orthodoxy. Religious orthodoxy will also be noticed within the nation’s criminal code which is skewed towards women and in addition within the society’s common state of mind which is patriarchal. To quote, Lisa Beyer:

“While it is impossible, given their diversity, to paint one picture of women living under Islam today, it is clear that the religion has been used in most Muslim countries not to liberate but to entrench inequality.”

The gender drawback in Muslim countries wishes to be addressed and frank acknowledgement is the primary very important step in opposition to that. Merely repeating that “Islam gives equal rights to women” isn’t going to remedy the issue. Unless and till, the religious orthodoxy is addressed, via reforming the best way we interpret faith, the issue will persist.

Of path, this doesn’t imply that orthodoxy is the one explanation why gender imbalance exists in a given society. Let’s now not overlook that actually each society on this planet has gender imbalance. The distinction between societies is most effective in shape and extent. However, religious orthodoxy is a very powerful and significant causal issue, which is making the issue in Muslim countries extra acute.

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Raza Habib Raja

The writer is a up to date Cornell graduate and recently pursuing his PhD in political science at Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He has additionally labored for a number one building finance establishment in Pakistan. He is a contract journalist whose works were printed at Huffington Post, Dawn (Pakistan), Express Tribune (Pakistan) and Pak Tea House. He tweets @razaraja (twitter.com/razaraja?lang=en)

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