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F1 Visa Interview Experience – Fall 2017 – Review, Analysis and Lessons Learned

Here’s an F-1 Visa Interview Rejection enjoy, the place you’ll be told a number of classes that can assist you along with your F1 Visa interview and steer clear of rejection.

What’s Included on this article:

  • Student Profile
  • F1 Visa Interview Experience (Rejected)
  • [Video] F1 Visa Interview Analysis
    • Quiz – Guess How Many Mistakes
    • Interview Analysis
    • Lessons Learned
    • Approval Chances (in long term)

F1 Visa Interview: Student Profile

  • Semester: Fall 2017
  • U.S. Consulate: Chennai
  • Attempt: Second Interview
  • Degree: MS in Computer Science
  • University: University of Central Michigan

There are such a lot of errors on this interview, I don’t know the place to start out. And in spite of everything, the scholars is actually begging the visa officer and requesting causes for rejections.

Getting a solution from a Visa Officer about causes for rejection is sort of not possible. Even if you’ll get a unmarried phrase from them would imply a global of distinction within the subsequent interview. But, this time, the Visa Officer in truth gave the real explanation why for rejection.

When I used to be studying this enjoy, I may see the way in which interview went and it’s now not arduous to look why the visa was once rejected. This interview displays that scholar isn’t credible and certified. But, the questions:

  •  What may have been carried out another way?
  • What classes are you able to be told from this enjoy?
  • Should this scholar seem for interview once more in long term?

F1 Visa Interview Experience – MS Computer Science – Rejected – Fall 2017

I were given the similar counter and similar Visa Officer (VO) who rejected me in my first visa interview. However, I believed I shouldn’t move to the similar visa officer once more. So I simply advised the safety that I wish to some water prior to attending the interview. By the time I returned, I used to be in a position to visit the other counter for the visa interview.

This time the VO was once a tender guy with tattoos in all places on his shoulder.

This officer rejected a B1/B2 vacationer visa in entrance of me. I were given worried after seeing that. I may actually see my really feel my center is pumping on the pace of race automotive.

He (Consular Officer) requested me to return ahead!

Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Good morning. Pass me your I20 and passport.
Me: Sure.

VO: Which University?
Me: Central Michigan University

VO: Which main?
Me: Computer Science

VO: What Specialization?
Me: I used to be little tensed as a result of I didn’t get ready to respond to a selected specialization. So I advised the entire topics like Big information, Cyber Security, Mobile computing, and so on.

VO: He was once little stunned and requested me in these kind of majors?
VO: Why are you going for MS in the United States?
Me: To recover alternatives once I come again house.

VO: Ok! Who goes to pay for research in America?
Me: My folks.

VO: What do they do?
Me: We have Business.

VO: What roughly industry?
Me: We have a Restaurant and Poultry farms.

VO: Ok. He was once typing one thing and took a Blue slip. I used to be begging him. Sir remaining time additionally my visa were given rejected however I met the entire necessities to get a F1 scholar visa. Please inform me the rationale, sir.

VO: My choice is ultimate. I will be able to’t exchange it now. Please go away.
Me: Sir, please. Please, inform me the rationale in order that I will be able to proper it subsequent time and reapply.

VO: I felt I you aren’t a reputable scholar.
Me: Feeling unhappy. Said Thank You.

F1 Visa Interview – Rejection – Analysis

In this video (10 Minutes), you’re going to be told a number of interview guidelines. Note: Please proportion this video web page on Facebook prior to you’ll watch the video.

  • F1 Visa Interview Analysis
  • Quiz for Your
  • One Example of Invisible Factor
  • What scholars may have carried out another way
  • Lessons you’ll be told from this interview

Next Steps – Prepare for F1 Visa Interview

Don’t take F1 Visa interview with no consideration. The second your F1 Visa is rejected, you’re going to notice the seriousness of the interview procedure.

Plus, don’t get fooled away as a result of you understand any person with a an identical profile and even low-quality profile was once in a position to get the visa, you don;t must paintings as arduous.

It’s your interview, your solutions and it’s important to face the F1 Visa Interview problem head-on. There’s no means round it.

Once you F1 Visa is rejected, it’s in reality arduous to conquer. Negative elements to your profile coupled with earlier rejection imply every other rejection is extremely most likely. So, perceive the “THE FACTOR” as I described within the video and get ready for US. Student visa interview in line with that. Your fist visa interview is Golden Opportunity. Don’t mess it up. Every different

Your fist F1 visa interview is a Golden Opportunity.

Don’t mess it up. Every different try and visa interview alternative after earlier rejection isn’t Golden (it’s extra like Silver, Bronze, and so on) as a result of they know your weak point.

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