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Dropbox – US Visa Interview Program Waiver in India for F1, H1B, L1 Visa

US Visa Interview Waiver or Dropbox program was once presented in 2012. Since then a number of hundreds of US visa interview candidates have applied the dropbox in India.

In this text shall we take a look at some facets of having US visa stamp by way of Dropbox:

  1. The USA Visa Interview Waiver Program – Dropbox in India
  2. Dropbox Eligiblity and Qualifications
  3. Pros and Cons of Dropbox
  4. Overview of Dropbox Process
  5. Administrative Processing – 221g by way of Dropbox
  6. Documents Required for Dropbox
  7. Dropbox Processing Times
  8. Is dropbox canceled?
  9. FAQ’s About Visa Waiver Interviews

USA Visa Interview Waiver Program – Dropbox

In March 2012, US Embassy introduced Visa Interview Waiver program for positive visa classes for certified folks. Later, the dropbox program (Visa Interview program) in India had been expanded to incorporate H1B Visa, H4 Visa, L1A, L1B, B1/B2 Visa and F1 Visa.

The US Visa renewal software will have to be inside of the similar classification as the former visa. If the former visa is annotated with the phrases “clearance won,” that applicant isn’t eligible for a dropbox.

Dropbox in India – Qualifications

Eligibility for dropbox will depend on your present and former visa standing. Here’s q fast assessment of steps required to determine in case you qualify for dropbox in India:

  1. Complete DS-160
  2. Create an Account to Schedule Visa Interview at USTravelDocs
  3. Complete your profile and get started the method to time table the interview
  4. You can be notified on the finish of the questionnaire if you’re eligible for the dropbox

So, what questions do this ask to search out the eligibility?

Eligibility Criteria for all candidates excluding kid underneath 14 years and applicant above 80 years of age:

  • I’ve a prior U.S. visa in the similar magnificence because the visa for which I want to renew
  • My most up-to-date visa was once issued in India
  • I won my visa after August 1, 2004 however ahead of January 2, 2008
  • My prior visa isn’t annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”.
  • My most up-to-date visa (in the similar magnificence for which I’m making use of) was once issued on or after my 14th birthday
  • I don’t have any refusals for a visa in any class after my most up-to-date visa issuance
  • If I’m making use of for an H or L (person) or R visa, my prior visa in the similar magnificence remains to be legitimate or expired throughout the ultimate 12 months.
  • OR
  • My prior visa in the similar magnificence remains to be legitimate or expired throughout the ultimate 12 months.
  • Note: Blanket L1 visa candidates don’t qualify for Interview Waiver Program, however Blanket L2 spouses are eligible.
    If I’m making use of for an F visa, am proceeding as a pupil on the identical college for which my earlier visa was once issued.
    If I’m making use of for a J visa, my present DS-2019 is issued through the similar establishment because the establishment indexed on my earlier visa

Note: Using the interview waiver or drop field carrier does no longer ensure visa issuance. In some circumstances, you’ll be required to look for a visa interview on the U.S. Embassy/Consulate, for instance, in case you post an incomplete and/or misguided software. Submit your software neatly in advance of your deliberate go back and forth to permit for the chance visa interview can be vital.

If you meet the necessities for interview waiver – dropbox

  • Schedule an appointment at OFC for fingerprints and picture

Documents Required for Dropbox Submission

If you qualify for dropbox submission, you’ll obtain a dropbox submission letter containing a record tick list. Print two copies of the dropbox affirmation letter and insert the next paperwork into the dropbox package deal, then seal the package deal:

  • One that was once taken throughout the ultimate six months (conforming to the ideas)
  • Supporting documentation in authentic and one photocopy required for your visa kind
  • Children making use of thru IWP or drop-box must post photocopies in their oldsters’ visas.
  • Dropboxconfirmation letter
  • Current passport that has a validity of a minimum of six months past your supposed keep in the U.S. (all classes)
  • Passport containing maximum not too long ago issued U.S. visa;
  • The DS-160 nonimmigrant visa software affirmation sheet (all classes)
  • Original MRV charge receipt for the visa processing (all classes)
  • One on a white background, 2 x 2 inches (all classes)
  • Copy of I-20 (F1/F2, M1/M2)
  • Original DS-2019 (J1/J2)
  • Copy of SEVIS I-901 charge cost receipt (important F, M, J)
  • Copy of your CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) guide/employment contract (for C1/D)
  • A duplicate of I-797 Approval Notice for H1B and H4.


  • Don’t use the similar picture from the former visa stamped at the passport.
  • If you put on glasses, then for visa, you must take away them (new requirement since 2016)

Advantages of Dropbox

Dropbox has each Pros and Cons.  Let’s take a look at some benefits of Visa renewal by way of dropbox:

  • Saves Time and Money: If you’re going to India for US Visa Renewal, and qualify for dropbox, it will prevent at some point of keep in town have been U.S. Consulate is situated.
  • No In-Person Interview: Attending Visa interview isn’t one thing everyone seems to be keen on. Getting U.S. Visa stamped in the passport with out in-person visa interview is double candy. I’m certain you compromise in this.
  • Save Resources in the US Consulate: Resources required to regulate the operations on the U.S. consulate isn’t to be taken evenly in busier U.S. Consulates. If they may be able to procedure visa renewal with out In-Person Interview, they may be able to maintain extra new visa candidates and decrease wait occasions to get appointments for those that are required to wait the in-person visa interview.

Disadvantages of Dropbox: Administrative Processing (221g)

Administrative Processing is the feared and maximum feared phrase for U.S. Visa interview attendees. Administrative Processing (221g),  I feel that is going to be the largest downside of  Visa Renewal by way of dropbox.

Dropbox H1B Visa Experience

Here’s an instance of paperwork asked through the U.S. Consulate for 221g on H1B Visa Renewal. As you’ll be able to see, they have got decided on just about the entire paperwork in the tick list 221g shape tick list.

dropbox us visa interview program waiver in india for f1 h1b l1 visa - Dropbox – US Visa Interview Program Waiver in India for F1, H1B, L1 Visa


What does this go away you with? Scrambling to gather the entire paperwork.

What in case you operating as Full-Time Employee and don’t have a consumer letter?

What in case you End Client won’t supply a Client Letter?

Now, a lot of folks concerned in the method to gather the desired documentation simply went up from you on your partner, supervisor, HR, Immigration Attorney and others.

Then, you need to make a shuttle again to the U.S. Consulate after you have the desired documentation and attend the interview or electronic mail them to the particular electronic mail cope with as urged to you case.

In intervening time, your shuttle to India simply turned into a curler coaster experience. In the top, issues must determine in your want, however there’s going to be some sleepless nights in this due procedure.

Dropbox with 221g Processing Times

  • Day 1: Submit passport and paperwork at OFC
  • Day 2 to three: Case Created and Administrative Processing
  • Day three to 7: Collect required paperwork and attend interview
  • Day four to 10: Visa Approval and Passport Pickup

When you have got 221g on dropbox and required to wait the interview, normally you’ll be requested to walk-in to the consulate with 221g slip with out scheduling the visa interview. 

As you’ll be able to see dropbox has it’s benefits and downsides. We don’t know the way many US visa renewal candidates effects in Administrative Processing however bearing in mind the benefits it provides, even 10% 221(g) would consequence in a lot quicker and smoother operations at U.S. consulate (my bet).

Dropbox Processing Time

Processing time for visa renewal by way of dropbox will depend on 221g and common processing time for the particular consulate.

Here’s standard and anticipated processing time for dropbox

  • Day 1: Submit passport and paperwork at OFC
  • Day 2 to three: Case Created and Administrative Processing
  • Day three to five: Case Issued

If you don’t get 221g in your dropbox visa software, you must get the visa standing modified to “Issued” throughout the posted US Visa Processing Time. One fresh H1B Visa and H4 Visa renewal by way of dropbox have been issued day after today and passport was once accrued in three days.

Is Dropbox canceled in India

Is Dropbox Cancelled or discontinued because of Trump’s Executive Order in India? This is said in the Travel Ban “Sec. 8. Visa Interview Security. (a) The Secretary of State shall immediately suspend the Visa Interview Waiver Program and ensure compliance with section 222 of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1222, which requires that all individuals seeking a nonimmigrant visa undergo an in-person interview, subject to specific statutory exceptions.”

Short Answer – No. President Trump Executive Order on Travel Ban is blocked through a Federal Judge. In truth, I do know few pals who went to India for H1B Visa Renewal in U.S. Consulate in Hyderabad and get H1B Renewal by way of Dropbox in the month of Feb to April 2017.

FAQ’s About Visa Waiver Interview

1. I’m going to wait H4 visa interview and I sought after to grasp if I will practice for dropbox with out my partner?

Yes. You can move for dropbox if you find yourself are touring alongside for stamping. As lengthy as US Travel Docs web page says that you’re eligible, you shouldn’t have any downside.  When you move throughout the technique of scheduling the interview appointment, in case you get a message like this “Congrats you qualify for Dropbox”, then you might be eligible for dropbox in considered one of 11 places in India.

2. My earlier H1B visa was once stamped in Canada. Would I be eligible for dropbox in Mumbai Consulate for H1B renewal stamping?

One situation for visa interview waiver is that your earlier visa must be stamped in the similar U.S. consulate. Under that standards, you’ll no longer be capable to get dropbox possibility in Mumbai. Plus, there’s no dropbox in Canada in case you seem the for the second one time in the similar consulate in the Canada.

three. I’m going for H1B Visa renewal and I’m eligible for dropbox. Should I post authentic I-797 approval realize for the dropbox?

You don’t need to post the unique I-797 Approval Notice when filing the Passport after OFC. I imagine chances are you’ll want authentic simplest for J visa interview. But, you’ll be able to validate that right through OFC appointment. In both case, you might be required to hold the unique and photocopy of the entire required paperwork for OFC.

Share Your Dropbox Experience

Did you get your US visa renewed by way of Dropbox, percentage your dropbox enjoy.



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