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CTU/AFT’s Pathetic Rationale for Caving to the Charter Industry

My feedback are interspersed:
Your reasoning is erroneous, as is your
working out of politics.
Which is much more likely, that “The
People” will abruptly understand what constitution faculties in reality are, stand up and
do away with them (which is my most well-liked end result), or that, confronted with a emerging
collection of union contracts, a fickle Overclass seems in other places to loot, or tries
a special automobile for its looting?
The “Overclass” has no incentive to “glance
in other places to loot” so long as AFT has supplied its seal of approval to the
established order.  Why would the constitution
trade concern the union, particularly when the deal in Chicago supplies no
unified bargaining for the ones constitution staff now rolled into the
CTU?  The constitution overseers can proceed
their exploitative, miseducative, non-professional, and abusive practices simply
as earlier than, except for for now they have got union sponsorship. 
If the “Overclass” have been in any respect concerned with
the AFT “threat,” they shouldn’t have simply introduced the company constitution takeoverof Puerto Rico’s public faculties, the place there are 32,000 AFT participants amongst the
island’s 45,000 lecturers.  Do you suppose they provide a dam what number of AFT participants there are in Puerto Rico, particularly when Weingarten provides up such tepid remarks in reaction the the takeover?  Doubtless, she has already minimize a deal to be certain the 
newly-exploited lecturers on the island can retain the union club.

As to the chance of other people knowing what
“charter schools really are,” the AFT has to personal the undeniable fact that it has completed
not anything to assist train the public.  In
reality, AFT’s complicity with the constitution trade extends to the precise introduction
of AFT’s personal constitution faculties.  

Why would underprivileged
folks suppose that charters are a foul thought, when AFT and NPE, endlessly spouting about social justice, reinforce the
continuation of hundreds of those hell faculties, ad infinitum.
Indeed, each AFT and NPE heartily recommended the
newest ESEA model referred to as ESSA, which provides expanded incentives for the speeded up
opening of hundreds of recent “no excuses” constitution faculties.
I’ve my issues of what the CTU is doing,
however issues are so determined that I do not see an alternate to bringing those
lecturers into the union, and the usage of that as the doable – emphasis on
“potential” – automobile for culling constitution faculties, and integrating
the worthy ones into the public machine as reliable faculties.
exactly is your plan to reduce the quantity and results of constitution faculties,
and who do you plan to put into effect it, if constitution trainer stay unorganized?
Short of a solution to that, it is all simply posing.

This fanciful perception of leveraging constitution
trainer union club as some way to regulate the paternalistic group of the
“Broken Windows” No Excuses type of constitution reform faculties could be laughable
if it didn’t have such tragic implications for each the lecturers and kids, who
undergo day by day in those dehumanizing sweat store faculties.  

With CTU/AFT’s popularity of the constitution
trade’s unprofessional corrections officials posing as lecturers, the
unionists have normalized the cultural sterilization practices of constitution
faculties, whilst at the similar time spewing meaningless rhetoric about social justice

I should say the ridiculousness of AFT’s argument
does no longer marvel me, for, finally, there’s no smart rationale for what
AFT is doing that doesn’t admit to the undeniable fact that the unions are in mattress with
the Wall Street Dems of constitution trade.  And that they’re going to by no means admit.  

Meanwhile, they’re caught precisely the place AFT/NEA/NPE reinforce for the Clintons took them.  The Clintons, via the means, have by no means felt the want for foolish quilt tales to cover their
usual endorsement of constitution faculties.  Under Bill Clinton, you might bear in mind, the
collection of constitution faculties went from 0 to 2,000.
As for AFT’s misleadership, Randi Weingarten stays,
Trump-like, caught in her personal Twitter-verse, the place she ceaselessly supplies observation
on each and every topic rather than AFT’s enabling of the constitution trade.  Her lame remarks about the wholesale
privatization of faculties in Puerto Rico are emblematic of her do-nothing
method when confronted with the all-out conflict on public faculties all over the place.
As for what I might do, Dr. Fiorillo, rather than taking the
union course of capitulating to the constitution trade, right here’s a couple of issues for
the unimaginative “unionists” to believe, none of that are at this time being
practiced via lecturers’ unions which are sitting atop billions of unused greenbacks:





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  1. Organize
    each and every native union bankruptcy in the country to withstand constitution faculties.  Make it part of each and every each and every
    negotiations consultation a requirement that no public cash be spent for any faculty,
    both brick-and-mortar or on-line, this is privately controlled, via both a
    non-profit or for-profit endeavor that’s not topic to similar oversight
    and laws as the public faculties.
  2. Hold
    ongoing father or mother data periods inside the communities to train
    folks on the risks of constitution faculties to their kids.
  3. Provide
    ongoing public provider bulletins to enchantment to constitution faculty staff
    to achieve official credentials that may permit them to paintings in public
  4. Let
    constitution faculty staff perceive the advantages of union club, and
    make it transparent that the ones advantages aren’t to be had to constitution faculty
    staff who’re constrained via the abusive practices of constitution sweat
    store control.
  5. Create
    a countrywide motion calling for a direct moratorium on the introduction of
    new constitution faculties.
  6. Engage
    with the media to create venues for debating the constitution faculty query
    and to percentage data referring to the public faculty merit.
  7. Help
    to recruit and reinforce political applicants, from native to nationwide, who
    perceive the anti-democratic danger that the constitution faculty trade
  8. Provide
    investment for ongoing analysis into the financial and social results of
    constitution faculties on staff, scholars, folks, and public schooling
  9. Make
    it transparent that constitution faculties, that are staffed predominantly via ladies
    who’re mismanaged via paternalistic and ignorant men posing as
    principals, constitute an ongoing offense to ladies staff all over the place.
  10. Inform
    lecturers about the existential danger of constitution faculties to the occupation
    of educating and to the well-being of youngsters and democratic communities.
  11. Organize
    folks and lecturers to display up in school board conferences at the state and
    native ranges to make their calls for identified about finishing the constitution trade’s
    conflict on public faculties.

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