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Confusion Persists Regarding NEA Charter Policy

There seems to be some actual confusion amongst what is also well-intentioned other folks about what the NEA solution on constitution faculties in fact says a couple of moratorium.  Here is the one point out of a moratorium within the file:

Unless each the fundamental safeguards and procedure detailed above are met, no constitution college will have to be licensed and NEA will give a boost to state and native moratoriums on additional constitution authorizations within the college district.

As any person can see, the National Education Association is NOT authorizing a moratorium within the tournament that each one its fanciful needs don’t seem to be met on the subject of constitution faculties: the National Education Association is announcing that it’ll give a boost to native and state associates that can select to name for a moratorium.  In different phrases, NEA plans to do not anything.

Nonetheless, I discovered this remark at a weblog this morning, which claims that there’s an NEA moratorium on charters in position:

The NEA solution simplest requires a “moratorium” on constitution faculties that don’t meet the criteria they lay out, fairly than a moratorium on all constitution authorizations. . . .

This is solely simple mistaken, and it perpetuates the type of corrupt dissembling that NEA legal professionals used for years and feature now exported to the NAACP and different organizations that experience hostile constitution growth up to now.

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