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Chicago Teachers’ Union Normalizes Dehumanizing Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch: “. . .we recognize that many families have come to depend on charter schools and that many charter school teachers are dedicated professionals who serve their students well. . . .We do not, therefore, call for the immediate closure of all charter schools. . .” Diane Ravitch’s NPE Position Statement on Charter Schools, 2017

In a deep bow to the company ed reformers who regulate the DNC’s schooling time table, in addition to NEA and AFT,  Diane Ravitch’s NPE final 12 months set out a coverage observation on constitution faculties that would depart in position hundreds of constitution faculties for years yet to come. 

The NPE observation is obvious in terms of the continuing give a boost to for 7,000+ dehumanizing and unregulated charters, which can be bleeding out state and native schooling budgets anywhere they perform.  In a spectacular display of non-leadership, the NPE observation refuses to call for or suggest a moratorium on new charters, who prefer as a substitute to signify give a boost to for “legislation” that requires a moratorium on new charters.

NPE’s acquiescence to and give a boost to for the continuation of the constitution business’s paternalistic Broken Windows fashion of training is now being performed out in Chicago, the place the Chicago Teachers’ Union this week voted to merge with the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff. 

What will this imply for public schooling, lecturers, and CTU?

Most importantly for AFT and CTU, it is going to imply more cash in dues from constitution business “teachers,” because the discounted dues that constitution workers had been paying to ChiACTS will probably be raised to what actual lecturers pay AFT/CTU in Chicago.  Never thoughts that constitution business “teachers” will proceed to be exploited, overworked, underpaid, and with out the advantage of the collective bargaining procedure that establishes pay, advantages, running stipulations, and pupil advocacy projects for the remainder of Chicago lecturers.

The merger way, too, that CTU’s omnipresent lip carrier to “social justice” is solely extra empty rhetoric.  CTU, actually, will turn into accent to the continued trainer and kid dehumanization practices and cultural sterilization methods which can be central to “no excuses” ed reform constitution faculty paternalism.

By normalizing the operations of Chicago’s constitution business patriarchy-on-steroids, CTU and AFT turn into solely complicit in demeaning practices in opposition to a feminine ruled body of workers that, traditionally, were anathema to union values.  CTU’s and AFT’s kowtowing to the constitution business’s billionaire consumers represents a actually unhappy end result for lecturers and youngsters that may have ongoing implications for different union associates silly and grasping sufficient to practice this very unhealthy precedent.

It is difficult to believe a extra damaging motion to unionism than to the only taken in Chicago.  By normalizing those deprofessionalized hell faculties run by way of ignorant younger non-educators, CTU and AFT have ceded the final final ethical top flooring.  We might regard any more pronouncements by way of CTU/AFT about saving public schooling because the purest of bullshit.

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