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Building Sanctuary: A Dystopian Future We Must Fight to Avoid

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through Wrench In the Gears
January four, 2018

The subsequent wave of schooling reform is one a part of a miles greater societal
shift that hinges on using Big Data, predictive analytics, and virtual
profiling to regulate populations in an international of rising financial uncertainty and
unrest. What follows is a speculative dystopian state of affairs, an international that would
rather well emerge from programs being installed position presently. It facilities on two
sisters, Cam and Li, who reside in a close to long run New York the place government have
come to view human lifestyles essentially as a supply from which to extract monetary
benefit. Many components of the tale learn like science fiction, however they aren’t.
I’ve integrated hyperlinks to assets on the finish of each and every submit so you’ll be able to discover this
truth for your self.

The long run is unsure and not going to play out precisely as described.
Nevertheless, we should start to comprehend how technological tendencies
blended with concentrated energy and excessive source of revenue inequality are main us
to an increasing number of computerized varieties of oppression. My hope is that communities will
start to incorporate an working out of this larger image into resistance
efforts for public schooling and past. Let us sign up for in combination, embracing our
humanity, to struggle the forces that will carry us to “lockdown.” How are we able to
maintain our lives and the ones of our family members out of doors the information move? How can
we nurture group in an international the place alienation is changing into normalized? What
can we owe one every other? What are we keen to chance? I’ve divided my tale
into seven portions. I’m hoping you’ll learn alongside and imagine sharing it with others.

Building Sanctuary

Part 1: Plugging In

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