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AFT Apologists Defend the Indefensible

A few feedback from readers about my tackle CTU’s betrayal of academics are value noting.  The first from edblisa:

Lois has some extent. No, it is not splendid that the CTU is providing employee coverage to unqualified academics, however those are younger other folks that have been informed a misinform get them to enroll in into the TFA scheme. These are individuals who wanted a task in order that they might beef up themselves and circle of relatives. They are individuals who have attempted to do proper through youngsters despite the fact that they did not cross about it the proper manner. They nonetheless want some coverage from abuse. There has were given to be some more or less compromise to assist those other folks.

The younger privileged millennial resume developers who enlist in TFA for his or her two years of carrier to the company removing of the educating occupation and bolster the body of workers of dehumanizing constitution faculties can have been, sure, duped once they signed up. However, if one joins the Nazi Party considering it’s an blameless patriotic endeavor, one does no longer proceed as a Nazi when when one unearths out what one has finished out of naivete or stupidity.  Just following orders isn’t an excuse, simply as wanting a task to pay again faculty loans isn’t an excuse, similar to resume construction for legislation faculty isn’t an excuse.

There can also be no coverage for the ones engaged in morally reprehensible acts, which can be socially unjust to the core, despite the fact that Weingarten wish to join constitution “teachers” counteract the cratering of AFT club this is attributable to actual academics who’re appalled at AFT’s self-serving compromises.

The different remark is from Michael Fiorillo:

I detest constitution faculties and sit up for the day when the remaining one has a stake pushed via its middle. However, staff deserve the proper to unionize, length. And if sufficient constitution faculties unionize, they’re going to then stop to be the trainer union-busting panacea the Overclass needs them to be. At that time, must it arrive, there could be hope to combine some of them into the public faculty machine.

First, Michael assumes that staff, irrespective of the the process, should unionize.  And I assume they do.  That reality, on the other hand, does no longer require AFT of NEA to provide association to academics running in sweat store charters which can be abusing youngsters and exploiting feminine staff every day via draconian self-discipline programs and cultural sterilization practices and authoritarian control schemes. If constitution staff have been actual academics, quite than alt-cert know nothings, they might workout the technique to paintings in humane faculties, both non-public or public.  Since they aren’t academics, on the other hand, actual faculties are not looking for them.  Sorry about that.

Hoping to “integrate” some the constitution reform faculties into the public machine would require the public programs to just accept the unacceptable and to include the morally reprehensible.  School forums, I’m hoping, will withstand such an atrocity, despite the fact that AFT and NEA and NPE don’t have any such reservations. 

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