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160 Important Points of Pharmacology from First Aid by Dr Noor Ul Basar – Educational Blog

1. —– relates the velocity of removing to the plasma focus? Clearance
2. Half lifestyles is the valuables of —- order removing? First
three. Fraction of administered drug that reaches move is known as ? Bioavailability
four. Drugs give IV have —–p.c bioavailability? 100%
five. Frequency of dosing Is affected by —-? Half lifestyles
6. Constant quantity of drug eradicated in step with unit time signifies which order removing
?? Zero order removing
7. Phase I metabolism of medication normally yields? Slightly polar , water soluble
eight. Maximal impact a drug can produce is known as ? Efficacy
nine. Amount of drug wanted for a given impact is known as? Potency
10. Therapeutic index is—>? Measurement of drug protection
11. Partial motion of morphine is at which opioid receptor? mu
12. Adrenal medulla are section of which frightened machine? Sympathetic frightened machine
13. Botulinum toxins blocks free up of neurotransmitter at which terminals ?
14. Mydriasis is the motion of which receptors? a1
15. Dec middle charge and contractility of atria is the motion of which receptors? M2
16. Inc gastric secretion is the motion which receptors? H2
17. Dec uterine Is the motion of which receptor? B2
18. Which vasopressin receptor contain in inc vascular clean muscle contraction?
19. Challenge take a look at for analysis of bronchial asthma? Methacholine
20. Which drug turn on bowel and bladder?? Bethanecol
21. Clinical software of donePezil? Alzheimer’s illness
22. Diagnosis of myasthenia gravis achieved by? Edrophonium
23. In power myasthenia gravis , drug of selection is? Pyridostigmine
24. Antidote of cholinesterase inhibitor poisoning? Pralidoxime
25. Adrenal medulla is innervated by which fibres? Cholinergic fibres
26. Potent stimulator of sweat, exams and saliva? Pilocarpine
26. Atropine impact on eye is? Mydriasis and cycloplegia
27. Isoproterenol motion is on which receptors? b1 and b2
28. Dobutamine basically results on which receptor? b1
29. Drug used to scale back untimely uterine contraction? Terbutaline
30. Attention deficit dysfunction will also be handled by? Amphetamine
31. Ne centrally performing a2 agonists? Clonidine and methyl dopa
32. Toxicity of phenoxybenzamine is? Orthoststic hypotension , reflex tachycardia
33. Name selective b-antagonist? Pindolol, acebutalol
34. Drugs utilized in urinary retention in BPH? Prazosin, terazosin and doxasozin
35. What is the impact of b-blocker in angina pectoris? Dec middle charge and contractility
36. Antidote of opioid poisoning is? Naloxone/ naltrexone
37. Atropine toxicity antidote? Physostigmine salicylate
38. Antidote for benzodiapzipine? Flumazinil
39. Drugs inflicting dialated cardiomyopathy? Doxorubicin and daunoeubicin
40. Direct Coombs sure hemolytic anemia is brought about by which drug? Methyl dopa
41. Chloremphinicol reasons which syndrome? Gray child syndrome
42. ACE inhibitors major facet impact ? Cough and angodema
43. Drug inflicting pseudo membranous colitis? Clindamycin
44. Vitamin inflicting hyperglycemia? Niacin
45. Name medication inflicting SLE-like syndrome? Hydralazine, INH, Procainamide and
46. Tardive dyskinesia is facet impact of??? Antipsychotics
47. Name ATT drug which is P-450 inducer? Rifampin
48. Antidote for warfarin toxicity? Vit Ok , FFP
49. Side impact of isoniazid ? Neurotoxicity and hepatotoxicity
50. Drug which decreases triglycerides ?fibrates
51. Drug protecting in opposition to diabetx nephropathy? ACE inhibitors
52. Drug which is able to reason cyanide toxicity ? Nitroprusside
53. Hydralazine dec ? Afterload/preload
54. Action of glitazone? Inc insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissue
55. Sulfonyureas closes which channels in b-cells? Ok+channe l
56. First line treatment of Type 2 DM? Metformin
57. Which drug is teratogen ? Carbimazole/ methemazole/ propyl thiouracil
58. Drug utilized in SIADH? Demeclocycline
59. Mechanism of PPI? Irreversibly inhibit H+/Ok+ATPase in abdomen parietal cells
60. Carcinoid tumor is handled by? Octreoride
61. Name antacids reasons diarrhea? Magnesium hydroxide
62. The tough centrally performing antiemetic is? Ondansetron
63. Metaclopromide is which receptor antagonist ? D2
64. Myeloaupression brought about by methotrexate is rescued by whih drug? Leucovori
65. Anti Breast most cancers drug having endometrial antagonist motion is? Raloxifene
66. Myelosuppresion reason by five florouracil is rescued by? Thymidine
67. Hemorrhagic cystitis is facet impact of ? Cyclophosphamide
68. Nephrotoxicity brought about by cisplatin is averted by? Amifostine
69. Name the drug which is Philadelphia chromosome tyrosine kinase inhibitor ?
70. Monoclonal antibody in opposition to CD20 is ? Rituximab
71. Probenecid inhibits reabsorption of Uric acid during which section of nephron? Proximal
convulated tubule
72. Febuxostat inhibits? Xanthine oxidase
73. Antidote of acetaminophen ? N-acetylecystiene
74. Name anti-TNF antibody often utilized in crohn illness? Infliximab
75. Mechanism of aspirin? Irreversibly inhibit each COX 1 and COX 2
76. Warfarin results which pathway ? Extrinsic pathway
77. Site of motion of heparin? Blood
78. Heparin toxicity is handled by? Protamin sulphate
79. Clopidogrel toxicity reason which hematological deficiency? Neutropenia
80. Abciximab binds to which glycoproteins receptor? IIb/IIIa
81. Which drug is used or upkeep programe for opioid addicts? Methadone
82. Opioid used as cough suppressant ? Dextromethorphan
83. Drug of selection for absence siezures? Ethosuxemide
84. 1st line remedy of eclampsia? Mgso4
85. 1st line of remedy for acute epilepsy? Diazepam
86. Fetal hydantoin syndrome is teratogenicity brought about by? Phenytoin
87. Neural tube defects brought about by which drug? Valproic acid
88. Barbiturates facilitate GABA motion by——of Cl channel ? Duration
89. Which inhaled anesthetic is hepatotoxic? Halothane
90. Most commonplace drug used for endoscopy? Midazolam
91. IV anesthetic used for fast and quick procedures? Propofol
92. Main complication of succinylcholine ? Hypercalcemia and hyperkalemia
93. Malignant hyperthermia is handled hyperthermia ? Dantrolene
94. Benztropin improves——in parkinson illness ? Tremors and stress
95. Carbidopa is transformed to —- in CNS? Dopamine
96. Selegiline selectively inhibits ??? MAO-B
97. Half lifestyles of sumatriptan ?? <2 hours
98. Marked respiration melancholy is brought about by which depressants ? Barbiturates
99. Maurijuana will also be detected in urine upto ——- months of ultimate use? 1 month
100. Treatment of wernickie korsakoff syndrome is? IV Vitamin B1
101. Treatment of delerium tremens?? Benzodiazepines
102. Drug of selection for ADHD? Methylphenidate
103. Social phobias are handled with ? SSRI
104. Drug of selection for obsessive compulsive dysfunction is ? Clomipramine
105. All conventional antipsychotics block which receptors? D2 receptors
106. Corneal deposits is facet impact of which antipsychotics ? Chlorpromazine
107. Treatment of neuroleptic malignant syndrome? Dantrolene
108. Which ordinary antipsychotic May reason agranulocytosis ? Clozapine
109. Teratogenicity brought about by lithium ? Ebstein anomaly
110. Generalized anxiousness dysfunction is handled by? Buspirone
111. Drug of selection of bedwetting affected person is? Imipramine
112. Main toxicity of tricyclics antidepressants? Convulsion , coma and aerobic
113. How a lot time antidepressant want to have its impact? four-8weeks
114. Antidepressant used for diabetic peripheral neuropathy is? Duloxetine
115. Drug used for altitude illness? Acetazolamide
116. Name osmotic diuretic ? Mannitol
117. What is the impact of loop diuretic on calcium within the blood? Hypocalcemia
118. Gout is facet impact of which diuretic? Loo diuretic
119. Idiopathic hypercalciuria is handled with? Thiazide diuretics
120. While the usage of ACE inhibitor what’s going to be the impact on renin??? Renin stage
will increase
121. Drug inhibits steroid synthesis ? Ketoconazole .
122. Contraindications of estrogens??? ER sure breast most cancers and historical past of
123. a1-agonist used to regard BPH ? Tamsulosin
124. Mechanism of motion of sildenafil? Inhibit cyclic GMP phosphodiesterse
125. Name 2 medication of second technology of H1 blockers?? Fexofenadine, citrizine ,
loratidine, desloratidine
126. What is the motion of b2- agonist on bronchial muscle? Bronchial clean muscle
127. Name the mast mobile stabilizer? Cromolyn
128. Drug that blocks conversion of arachidonic acid to leukotrienes? Zileuton
129. Drug that may loosen mucous plug in Cystic fibrosis affected person is? N-acetylcystiene
130. Brochoconstriction is mediated by——and——-? Inflammatory and sympathetic
131. Bipolar dysfunction is handled with? Lithium
132. Drug of selection for cytomegalovirus? Ganciclovir
133. Acute promyelocytic leukemia (M3) handled by? All-trans retinoids acid
134. Common remedy of buergers illness? Smoke cessation
135. Prophylaxis for Hemophilus influenza (B)? Rifampin
136. Treatment if hemorrhagic cystitis is ? Mesna
137. Medical abortion is finished by? Mifepristone
138. Drug of selection for migraine? Sumatriptan
139. Treatment of Neisseria gonorrhea? Ceftriaxone
140. Neural tube defect prevention achieved by? Folic support ( folate)
141. Drug of selection for PDA? Indomethacin
142. Prostate carcinoma is handled with? Flutamide
143. Drug utilized in pulmonary high blood pressure? Bonestan
144. Breast most cancers in postmenopausal lady is handled by? Aromatase inhibitor
145. First line drug for melancholy? SSRIs
146. Imipenem all the time administered with ? Cilastatin
147. Red guy syndrome is facet impact of? Vancomycin
148. Main unwanted effects of aminoglycoside ?? Nephrotoxicity , ototoxicity and
149. Trimethoprim inhibits bacterial? Dihydrofolate reductase
150. Fluoroquinolones damages to cartilage
151. Metallic style is by which anti microbial drug? Metronidazole
152. Optic neuropathy is facet impact? Ethambutol
153. Endocarditis with surgical or dental process —-prophylaxis? Penicillins
154. Empiric Therapy for group obtained pneumonia of outside affected person surroundings?
155. Drug of selection Cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS affected person? Fluconazole
156. Drug which inhibit mobile wall synthesis by inhibiting synthesis of b-glucan?
157. Terbinafine used to regard ??? Onchomycosis
158. Leishmaniasis is handled by sodium stibogluconate
159. CMV retinitis in immuno compromised affected person when ganciclovir fails? Foscarnet
160. Orange frame fluids is facet impact of? Rifampin

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